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Actual Physical Violence
Season 3, Episode 3
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Airdate October 14, 2015
Written by Eduardo Javier Canto & Ryan Maldonado
Directed by Fred Berner
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Actual Physical Violence is the third episode of the third season and the 41st overall episode of Chicago P.D.


A man whose daughter is missing takes a member of the team hostage. In other events, Voight learns that Bunny has made new accusations regarding an old case; and Antonio is shocked by a secret that Olinksy has been keeping.


Mouse is taken hostage in the lobby of the district by Jeff Frazier in an attempt to get the Chicago P.D. to find his missing daughter. Frazier tells them to look for his daughter, as he gives the fliers out. He heads into an office, after Hank tells his officers not to shoot.

In the office, Mouse tries to speak with his abductor who says he was not targeted by Frazier, instead being an unfortunate victim of opportunity, as he was the first non-civilian Frazier saw that was close enough for him to grab and capture.

The Intelligence Unit is concerned about Mouse, especially Jay but Hank promises that he'll be find and decide to look into Sarah's finances and discover that some strange purchases were made. Looking into it, they find that a store clerk and his friend stole Sarah's credit card after it was abandoned in her car.

Meanwhile, Mouse is externally very calm despite the severity of the situation, likely due to his military training. Mouse realizes that Frazier is an army veteran and manages to engage him in conversation using his own military service, coming to see him not as a criminal but as a desperate man looking to save his daughter.

Intelligence soon discovers Sarah was meeting with a guy named Trevor Dunn on a date site before she vanished. They look into the man who met other women who vanished like Sarah, meaning he is the culprit. The unit investigate him and find he has a building with cameras and soon discover caged women in the basement. Both Al and Antonio want to punish the casanova after finding he tortured the women with a chimney poker.

They bring the women to the hospital, with one coherent enough to give info, including about Sarah who was the only one that did not break before being taken.

Intelligence bring the woman to the precinct, where they find the officers armed for Frazier. However, Hank tells Frazier that they are getting close because the woman has seen Sarah. Frazier is skeptical until the woman provides info of the Frazier family trip. Fraizer then talks more to the woman who reveals Sarah was the only one who didn't break from the torture. When Mouse sees the squad ready to shoot, he seizes an opportunity and pulls the Frazier's own gun on him, allowing the force to place him in custody.

Mouse later goes to visit Frazier (who apologizes "man-to-man" for holding him hostage) and promises that he will find Sarah, as Voight will get the job done.

Intelligence finds out that Trevor is currently meeting another woman who is potentially his next victim. Tracking Trevor to the bus stop, the squad are able to scoop him up and bring him in. While in holding, Trevor is given a piece of the torture he put the girls through when Hank brutally interrogates him for information and he reveals that it was a part of a tracking organization.

The Intelligence Unit raid the house and find the leader dead with bullets, while Sarah is nowhere to be seen. They eventually reach the train station, where people are running away. The unit find Sarah covered in blood, armed with a gun and contemplating suicide. Erin speaks with her but Sarah refuses to live with the pain and the unit has Voight get her father.

Voight goes to the cell room where he tells Frazier that his daughter has been found. Frazier is surprised to hear this before Hank hand cuffs him and informed him that they were going to meet with Sarah right now.

Back at the train station, Lindsay is trying to calm Sarah who notices that the cops are acting odd meaning they might arrest her. Sarah refuses to be put in another cage and places the gun to her chin. At that point, Hank has arrived with Sarah’s father and Lindsay tells Sarah to hold off on shooting herself because someone is here. Hank then releases Frazier from the handcuffs and allows him to meet with his daughter. Lindsay tells Sarah that her father has arrived and Frazier catches her attention. Surprised, Sarah stops trying to shoot herself and embraces her father, overjoyed that he came for her. The squad leave father and daughter to reconnect.

Hank speaks with Mouse, stating when he returned Frazier's gun as evidence, he noticed that despite the fact that he saw ammunition in the barrel when Mouse was initially taken hostage, the gun is unloaded. This reduces Frazier's charges to reckless endangerment, meaning that he can stay with his daughter instead of going to prison. He asked Mouse if he did anything with the bullets twitch the latter denies as a coincidence.

At the bar, Jay and Mouse share a drink and talk about the day. Mouse confesses to Jay that he unloaded the gun, showing him a handful of bullets. He and Jay talk briefly about an incident during their deployment where one of their unit was kidnapped, and when they found him and his kidnappers, they did "a lot worse than hold a gun to someone's head". Mouse hides the bullets in a filing cabinet, and he and Jay drink to "extenuating circumstances".

Meanwhile, Michelle is sent to the training center run by Antonio. She reveals that her father sent her to see him before telling him its Alvin. Surprised to learn of Alvin's big secret, Antonio agreed to train her. Likewise, Al informs the rest of his family about Michelle and they are quite shocked to hear this before Alvin's wife kicks him out.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dash Mihok as Jeff Frazier
  • Lindsay Stock as Sarah Frazier



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  • Antonio learns of Al having a second daughter.
  • Al tells his family of Michelle and is promptly kicked out by his wife.