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Army of One
Season 4, Episode 22
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Vital Statistics
Airdate May 10, 2017
Written by Tiller Russell & Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by John Whitesell
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Army of One is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season and the 83rd overall episode of Chicago P.D.


A live video is streamed online showcasing a tortured man being beaten and burned alive. Upon further investigation, the victim's identity is traced back to that of a man who had been previously locked up for statutory rape. When another attack of a similar nature occurs, Intelligence finds a connection between the crimes, suspected pedophiles, and group named the Perv Hunters. Meanwhile, Lindsay runs into a few bumps in the road - both personally and professionally.


Bunny meets up with Erin before work to give her Bunny's mother's pearl bracelet. Erin believes that Bunny wants something but she claims nothing is going on. Back at the district, Detective Hailey Upton walks up the stairs holding a box of donuts for the team. She has decided to take the job at Intelligence and Ruzek, Kevin, and Alvin are delighted. Erin shows Jay the pearl bracelet that Bunny gave her and Jay tells her to not trust Bunny. Seeing the tension between the two, Voight decides to partner Lindsay with Upton and Halstead with Olinsky.

Ruzek gets information about a livestream video showing a young man being tied up and beaten by someone. To the squad's horror, he is doused in gasoline and set ablaze and the team quickly head to the address. They arrive too late, as the man is dead and his attacker gone. While searching, Alvin points out the word pedophile, which was written in blood on the wall.

The unit investigate the scene, believing if the deceased was a pedophile, then they have motive. They also find a car registered to Janice Hendricks at the crime scene.

Voight sends Jay and Alvin to visit Janice and before they leave, Alvin points out that Voight should have split up Lindsay and Halstead a while ago, saying that their relationship interferes with work. Jay believes it doesn't and says that he blew it with Erin, but Al assures him that as long as he has a job, things will be fine. When they find Janice, she reveals the car was borrowed by her nephew Elijah and she tells him that Elijah was convicted of statutory rape of his ex-girlfriend Beth Murphy. She also reveals that the reason he was convicted was because of racism from the Murphy parents.

The team ID's the victim as Elijah Hendricks who served time for raping his at-the-time girlfriend, Beth Murphy. Erin and Hailey go to Indiana and visit Beth and on the way, they talk about the new partnership. Hailey apologizes for getting in the way of her partnership with Jay, but Erin tells its fine, saying that she needed change anyway. When they find Beth, she reveals that her relationship with Elijah was purely consensual and she was forced to testify against him because of her parent parents. She also states she called him in an attempt to warn him about the danger he was in. She believes her current violent boyfriend Jake may have been the culprit and reveals his location. At first, Jake is not fazed by Elijah being murdered, since he was resuming his hunt for Beth. However, Erin shows him the pictures of Elijah burned alive. Horrified, Jake denies involvement and describes a group who he sent the info on Elijah to. He also reveals that they were the ones who made the video that led to Elijah being outed but says he did not mean for his death to occur.

Checking out Jake's story, Kevin watches a YouTube video, where Elijah was outed as a sex offender by a vigilante group against rapists called the "Perv Hunters". Perv Hunters are a group originating from Canada who identify offenders and leak their names to the public to create awareness. Kevin discovers a video of another sex offender named Alan Metcalf and deduce he may be the next target. Voight sends Jay and Olinsky to see him.

The detectives meet Alan Metcalf who describes the person that ambushed him and shows a picture of his car's license plate. He also begs them not to send a patrol car to monitor his house because he already has trouble with his neighbors.

Tracking the license plate, Adam and Kevin visit the video filmer who is Craig Gorman, a tattoo artist who is shown to be a bigoted and well-spoken hater of rapists. The officers bring him in, with Jay and Hank doing interrogation. Craig justifies his acts of outing the rapists and is first resistant to speak until he sees the pictures of the murdered and torched Elijah. Like Jake, Craig is horrified by the sight and denies any involvement with the latter's death. Craig also says he and his group only outed Elijah but did not go to extreme violence.

At the same time, Hailey comes in and shows the squad a video of Alan Metcalf suffering the same fate as Elijah. The group then confront Craig who states because he was already present in the precinct, it couldn't have been him. However, Hank tells him because he admitted that he made the video he is an indirect accessory to murder. However, Hank promises to put a good word in for him if he complies with his demands. Intelligence has Craig make another video outing another Sex offender on perv hunter. It is Alvin who is going to undercover to draw the pedophile killer in. Craig uploads the video while asking Adam and Kevin if they will really tell Hank that he's complying with his orders, which they promise.

Meanwhile, Erin confronts her mother again, still not believing Bunny's kind gesture. Bunny tells Erin that she might have to leave Chicago because of a new boyfriend, which concerns Erin.

The team track Alvin's whereabouts, trying to catch their mystery suspect red-handed. While waiting, Jay asks Voight how long he and Erin will be split up. Voight's threatens him saying that if he wants to continue in the unit, he should never ask that question again. Hailey senses the stress on Erin and asks how she can help. Erin is grateful, yet tells her that she can handle it. Their suspect finally arrives and the team arrests him. They ID their suspect as Jeremy Pettigrew, he was a suspect in a kidnaping case years back, but they weren't able to find enough evidence to convict him. Halstead and Voight try to get a confession but Pettigrew doesn't break, claiming that he was at the location for a plumbing job.

Erin brings in Dr. Richardson, a friend from her past, to do a psych profile on Pettigrew. When she meets him, Jeremy states he doesn't believe in her work and is resistant to answer if he was abused. After doing a psych evaluation, Voight asks Dr. Richardson what her reading and she concludes that Jeremy is both a pedophile and a vigilante, meaning he's a self-loathing pedophile killing others to cleanse his own conscience. She also believes that he may have kidnapped another child recently.

Intelligence discover Jeremy had a boy with him when he bought a phone for the videos. Getting a warrant, Intelligence raids his house and find out Jeremy indeed had a boy there when they find a kids backpack with a boy's underwear. They also learn he was a suspect of another case involving a murdered boy but the charges were dropped. Lindsay interrogates Jeremy trying to identify and locate the missing child, but he continues to deny this. The team finally identifies the missing kid as Derek Robbins, and the mom confirms seeing Pettigrew around. Erin goes back to the interrogation room to get a location of the kid, as Jeremy tries to deny questions but she snaps and proceeds to beat Pettigrew with her gun. Hailey tries to stops Lindsay but she continues to brutally attack the suspect for his actions. She finally gets an address but before she can go Chief Lugo comes in and stops Hailey and Erin from leaving.

The rest of the team go to the address, but they find the kid dead in a trunk. The episode ends with Erin taking in the death hardly and going to the review board to regarding her actions done earlier.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton
  • David Aaron Baker as Jeremy Pettigrew
  • Lucas Kerr as Craig Gorman
  • Bret Tuomi as Alan Metcalf
  • Eunice Woods as Janice Hendricks
  • Jeff Christian as Sheriff Johnny Lester
  • Mickey O'Sullivan as Jake Harper
  • Briana Smith as Beth Murphy
  • C.J. Rush as Kirby
  • Ashley Noel as Cynthia Robbins
  • Walter Bernard as Elijah Hendricks
  • A.C. Smith as Superintendent
  • Darren Stephens as Male White Shirt
  • Elaine Rivkin as Female White Shirt


Voight: Remember what I told you when you were 16, and you first came to live in my house? I'm with you...
Lindsay: Until the wheels come off.

Metcalf: There's some evil people in this world.
Halstead: Says the guy who molested a 10 year old boy.

Upton: Trust me Jake, today is not the day you want to start trash talking my partner.

Olinsky: Every cop in this city would kill for your job. Why jeopardize that?
Halstead: Man, I blew it.
Olinsky: No, you still got a job, you still got a desk.
Halstead: No, I blew it with Erin.


  • Hailey has transferred to Intelligence.
  • Voight forces Jay to partner with Alvin and Erin with Hailey.