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Status Alive
Occupation Bartender
Relationships Unnamed Mother
Erin Lindsay (daughter)
Teddy Courtney (son)
Seasons 2, 3, 4
First Appearance Call It Macaroni
Last Appearance Fork in the Road
Portrayed by Markie Post

Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher is the mother of Detective Erin Lindsay and Teddy Courtney.


Little is known about Bunny's earlier life, but she has been famously known to all cops back in the day. Hank Voight stated every young cop in his youth was familiar with all domestic calls from Bunny.

It was well known that she was hardly any good to her family and herself, and that remains so to this day. She was a chain smoker, drug-user, and drinks in excess. With both her children, Erin and Teddy, already on the streets barely into their teens. Bunny has shown on multiple occasions that she blames Hank Voight for herself and her daughter not being close. Voight and Bunny have shown that they don't like each other and often argue about what is in the best interests of detective Erin Lindsay.

Season 2

In Erin's Mom, Bunny contacts her daughter to take the information to Hank who has his reserves about this but decides to look into it. Surely enough her tip proves to be credible as it is revealed the suspect is an armed robber who is kidnapped a family of a woman who was forced to get the money for them. She later meets with her daughter, complimenting her being a mentor for Nadia. Erin soon thanks her for leading her to an actual case. However she starts to lose faith and her mother when it is revealed that she knew the robbers but had no part in their deeds. It later turns out Bunny was aware of the reward but needed it to settle a debt to a pimp. At the end, Hank pays off the debt Bunny owed to the pimp and requested Bunny stay away from her daughter. Bunny yells at him and says if he wants to prove himself to be a better parent then he has succeeded before angrily walking off subsequently contacts him to thank him for what he did.

During They'll Have to Go Through Me, she is reunited with her son Teddy who is hostile to her for his tragic childhood problems that led to him becoming a victim in a pedophile ring. After bringing down the ring, Teddy goes to live with her and Bunny said that he goes to school to become a hotel manager during a conversation with Erin.

A distraught Erin left her job and was locked in a downward spiral after Nadia's death. She stayed with Bunny, who encouraged her to stay that way, taking her to parties and letting her back on drugs, despite continuously assuring her that she left that life in season 2.

Season 3

Erin stayed with her until Voight told her that she'd have to cut her ties with Bunny if she wanted to come back to Intelligence in Life is Fluid.

During Natural Born Storyteller, Bunny is upset that Hank would separate her from her daughter. Deciding to get even with him, she goes to the feds and tells them that Hank lied about a certain arrest of James Beckett.

In Actual Physical Violence, Bunny shows no remorse in getting the gangster James Beckett out telling her daughter it's already been done. In the end, her actions were for nothing as Beckett was sent back to prison by Hank when the latter had attempted to murder him.

Season 4

In You Wish, Erin found out again that Bunny had lied to her when she said a man named Jimmy was her real father after Jay secretly ordered a DNA test. Erin told her she was done with her lies and was very upset, smashing everything at a cafe table where she met up with Bunny. Jimmy was outraged when he found out that Bunny had been sending him pictures of Erin for the past 20 years when she wasn't even his daughter, and threw the album on the ground and left. Bunny was furious when she found out, telling Erin she genuinely thought Jimmy was her father. Jay then told Voight about this and how Erin was blaming him for doing it, and Voight tells Jay that Bunny must've known the truth. Bunny came to see Voight after this, blaming him for taking Erin away from her and saying that it must've been him who ordered the DNA test. Voight doesn't tell her it was Jay and she says that Erin should run a DNA test on him, to which he replies "you wish".

During Fork in the Road, Bunny calls her daughter to tell her that she needs her help when Johnny is found shot but still alive. As Lindsay was stripped of her badge, Hank and the unit are called in, Bunny is annoyed to see him but tells him that she did not kill Johnny and Jay has to hold her back when she protest her innocence. Bunny is brought into custody by the FBI when she is found with loads of pills in her car. She is visited by her daughter who has her tell the truth but Barbara once again protest her innocence. Erin tells her that she will do her best to get her off the hook. Hank later this is Bunny and tells her that he knows that she really killed Johnny at the find her fingerprints on a set of glasses however, he will not report it. She is grateful but Hank tells her that he’s not doing this for her he’s doing this for Erin who he feels deserves better than her. Hank subsequently dispose of the glass is clearing Barbara of the investigation.


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"Fagin" "Army of One" "Fork in the Road"


  • She mentions that Lindsay has a uncle named Ray but it is unknown if this is her real brother or friend.
  • According to Hank Voight in Don't Bury This Case, Bunny was known to all cops before Erin was born and cases were domestic.