Camila Vega
Camila Vega
Full Name Camila Vega
Status Alive
Relationships Jay Halstead
Family Luis Vega †
Seasons 5
First Appearance Care Under Fire
Last Appearance Rabbit Hole
Portrayed by Anabelle Acosta

Camila Vega is Jay Halstead's ex-girlfriend, while undercover under the name Ryan.

Biography Edit

Season 5 Edit

Camila is the sister of a target, Luis Vega, Jay Halstead is looking for. They began a relationship after her brother's death. At the time she didn't know his real identity, and called him Ryan. [1]

Their relationship took a dramatic turn when he unintentionally gets himself in the middle of a drug operation and a murder of an undercover DEA agent. In which Camila is a person of interest. She later confesses that she was recruiting people to become drug dealers. In a sting operation, Camila gets arrested and realizes that he was a cop. As she was sitting in a jail cell, Upton convinces Camila to not see Halstead again and to not speak of their relationship to anyone or face spending years in prison. [2]

Appearances Edit

Season 5 Appearances
"Reform" "The Thing About Heroes" "Promise" "Snitch" "Home"
"Fallen" "Care Under Fire" "Politics" "Monster" "Rabbit Hole"
"Confidential" "Captive" "Chasing Monsters" "Anthem" "Sisterhood"
"Profiles" "Breaking Point" "Ghosts" "Payback" "Saved"
"Allegiance" "Homecoming"

References Edit

  1. Care Under Fire
  2. Rabbit Hole
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