Season 5, Episode 12
Captive 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate January 17, 2018
Written by Gavin Harris
Directed by Eriq La Salle
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Captive is the twelfth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.

Summary Edit

Intelligence rallies to rescue Atwater, after his belongings and his blood are found at the house of a convicted felon. Atwater struggles for survival, while coming face-to-face with his captor and realising a difficult connection to his past.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Mekhi Phifer as Joe Baker
  • Jesse Garcia as Reimundo Morales
  • Joshua Torrez as Billy
  • Simeon Henderson as Calvin Hill
  • Olivia Washington as Michelle
  • Molly Hernandez as Elisa Rodriguez
  • Shaun Rapp as Paramedic

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Quotes Edit

Atwater: But none of this is on you, huh?
Joe: Me?
Atwater: I knew Ronnie. He wasn't a bad kid. Until he started imitating his gangbanger daddy.
Joe: I was teaching him how to be a man.
Atwater: You was teaching him how to die.

Voight: Why not call the police?
Michelle: I did. The car never showed. They get here fast to arrest us, not so much when we need help.

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