Charlie Pugliese
Charlie Pugliese
Full Name Charlie Pugliese
Status Alive
Seasons 1
First Appearance My Way
Last Appearance A Beautiful Friendship
Portrayed by Billy Wirth

Charlie Pugliese is a former associate of Erin Lindsay, who became a person of interest during one of their investigations. He is portrayed by Billy Wirth.

Biography Edit

It is presumed that Charlie may have taken Erin in when she was living on the streets, and forced her to commit crimes in exchange for food and shelter. He also had her friend Amys kid.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Appearances
"Stepping Stone" "Wrong Side of the Bars" "Chin Check" "Now Is Always Temporary" "Thirty Balloons"
"Conventions" "The Price We Pay" "Different Mistakes" "A Material Witness" "At Least It's Justice"
"Turn the Light Off" "8:30 PM" "My Way" "The Docks" "A Beautiful Friendship"
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