Season 5, Episode 11
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Vital Statistics
Airdate January 10, 2018
Written by Rick Eid & Sharon Lee Watson
Directed by Mark Tinker
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Confidential is the eleventh episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


Intelligence stumbles on the women's shelter where a pimp they are looking for is scouting out girls. Burgess moves the case forward with a series of confidential tips, but risks putting her informant in harm's way.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Andhy Mendez as Juan Martinez / Damien Soto
  • Madalyn Horcher as Isabel Perez
  • Gail Bean as Sienna
  • Danny Garcia as Raul
  • Jacqueline Williams as Officer Becerra
  • Travis A. Knight as Patrolman Bobby Price
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Loretta Rezos as Patricia
  • Elizabeth Laidlaw as Doctor Rebecca Sloan
  • Nicolas Gamboa as Eduardo Valera
  • Krystel McNeil as Amanda
  • Dale Rivera as Quack Doctor




Burgess: Raul's job, an informant's job, is to provide information. He is an asset to the Chicago Police Department.
Upton: No, he is a person and he is a friend.

Ruzek: Why is she protecting that son of a bitch? I don't get it.
Burgess: Because she's in love with him.
Ruzek: In love with him?
Burgess: Yeah.
Ruzek: That's not love. That's Stockholm Syndrome.
Burgess: Try telling her it's not love. Sometimes, people, they trick themselves into believing what they want to believe because it feels better than the alternative.
Ruzek: Well sometimes it's real. And there's no trick or delusions. It's just good. It might be complicated but it's good.

Upton: Yah, the books not always right. Sometimes you gotta trust your gut.

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