Denny Woods is the ex-partner of Hank Voight, turned corrupt independent auditor assigned to oversee the police department. He is portrayed by Mykelti Williamson.

Biography Edit

Denny was partners with Hank Voight over thirty years ago. He mentioned to Adam that he taught Hank most of what he knew. At some point, the two had a falling out and Denny would come to resent Hank but still holds a grudging respect for him.

Upon becoming an independent auditor, Woods starts to exploit his position in a secret vendetta against Voight.

Season 5 Edit

His grudge becomes even more present after a failed rescue attempt, in which his daughter, Brianna, is held hostage and shot in "Anthem".

In "Breaking Point", Denny meets Hank after an Alderman is killed. Hank talks to him about his daughter and he says that she is recovering. He also tells Hank that the higher ups want them to investigate this case. Despite these pleasantries, it is apparent that Denny still holds a grudge especially when Alvin is called in by officers from the high branch.

In the finale, Woods is arrested by Internal Affairs for bribing a witness, having been investigated by Voight himself. [1]

Appearances Edit

Season 4 Appearances
"The Silos" "Made a Wrong Turn" "All Cylinders Firing" "Big Friends, Big Enemies" "A War Zone"
"Some Friend" "300,000 Likes" "A Shot Heard Around the World" "Don't Bury This Case" "Don't Read the News"
"You Wish" "Sanctuary" "I Remember Her Now" "Seven Indictments" "Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will"
"Emotional Proximity" "Remember the Devil" "Little Bit of Light" "Last Minute Resistance" "Grasping for Salvation"
"Fagin" "Army of One" "Fork in the Road"
Season 5 Appearances
"Reform" "The Thing About Heroes" "Promise" "Snitch" "Home"
"Fallen" "Care Under Fire" "Politics" "Monster" "Rabbit Hole"
"Confidential" "Captive" "Chasing Monsters" "Anthem" "Sisterhood"
"Profiles" "Breaking Point" "Ghosts" "Payback" "Saved"
"Allegiance" "Homecoming"

References Edit

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