Don't Read the News
Season 4, Episode 10
Don't Read the News 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate January 4, 2017
Written by Mike Weiss
Directed by Nick Gomez
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Don't Read the News is the tenth episode of the fourth season and the 71st overall episode of Chicago P.D..


The Intelligence unit investigates the murder of a young woman, and later discovers that her murder may be connected to a potential serial killer who has murdered more than 10 women. Meanwhile, Voight introduces Kenny Rixton (guest star Nick Wechsler) to the unit as a temporary replacement for Ruzek while he is on an undercover assignment, and Lindsay finally meets her biological father.

Cast Edit

Main CastEdit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Nick Wechsler as Detective Kenny Rixton
  • Tony Crane as Jimmy Sanguinetti
  • Jossie Harris Thacker as Deanna Lewis
  • Chris McKinney as Francis Barnes
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy as Jeanette Barnes
  • Saul Stein as Detective Arnold Chilewich
  • Keisha Champagne as Virginia Cutler
  • Nathaniel Aikens, Jr. as Ricky Barnes
  • Maryam Basir as Sienna Brody
  • Ian Bratschie as Vincent Avenel
  • Thomas Anthony Quinn as Walter Vollman
  • E'Mon Lauren as Kimmi Johnson
  • Julian Griffith as Patrolman
  • Stacey Elaine as Friend #1
  • Lisa McConnell as Friend #2

Quotes Edit

Halstead: We spoke to Antonio. He had a great idea. You widen the DNA search to include familial match.

Voight: It's time to get on the bus or get under it, kid.

Voight: I want to understand the last day of Grace's life. Every minute

Burgess:I need you to take your friend and walk away...or you'll be sleeping in lockup.

Voight: That's Kenny Rixton, he's Ruzek's replacement.
Burgess: What?
Voight: Ruzek's replacement. I'll fill you in later.

Jimmy: I wasn't there for you then but I'd like to be now. If you'll let me.

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