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Equal Justice
Season 8, Episode 06
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Vital Statistics
Airdate February 10, 2021
Written by Daniel Arkin
Directed by Eric Laneuville
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In Your Care

Equal Justice is the sixth episode of the eighth season and the 154th overall episode of Chicago P.D..


Halstead and Ruzek try to infiltrate a crime ring and encounter a complicated situation. The team recruits an unlikely ally to help solve a murder.


Jay goes to see Latrell and after a talk about fathers and sons Jay asks what he did with the gun. Seeing that he has been exposed for his crime, Latrell confesses that he threw the gun in the river after killing K-MAC. Jay tells him that it is a good thing he said that while instructing him to ask for a lawyer to keep his mouth shut. Realizing Jay is trying to help him, Latrell agrees and Jay brings him in. As this happens, Voight watches this scene.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Nicole Ari Parker as Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller


  • Justin Voight previously appeared in Season 3.