Detective Erin Lindsay is a former member of the CPD Intelligence Unit and was partnered with Detective Jay Halstead.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Lindsay's early childhood, except that her step-dad abused her and her mother was a drug addict.

At some point in her early teens, she was involved in bad situations. Later, Hank Voight and his wife took her in and raised her along with their own son, Justin Voight. When she was 16, Voight had her enrolled in the St. Ignatius School for a new start, however, the girls at the school quickly found out about her past. St. Ignatius made a deal with Voight that if Lindsay was in a fight, she would be expelled. Lindsay opted to tolerate the bullying instead of disappointing Voight. Eventually, she joined the CPD and joined the Intelligence Unit.

One of her first weeks of uniform she caught a young boy shoplifting. The boy took it out from his pocket and put it back. She got whatever she was getting and then heard gunshots. She ran outside and saw the boy lying dead on the ground while two men drove off. She still feels guilty about this and tells Lieutenant Kelly Severide about it.

She has a close working partnership with Detective Jay Halstead that could develop into something more personal later on.

Lindsay has compassion for vulnerable young people as she can relate. She tries twice unsuccessfully to get a 17-year-old prostitute and heroin addict, Nadia, to enter drug rehab. In the season 1 finale, Lindsay has successfully helped Nadia with her drug addiction and currently helping her find a job. Nadia moves in with Lindsay and eventually becomes the administrative assistant for Intelligence Unit. Lindsay helps motivate Nadia to become a Chicago Police Officer.

Season 2Edit

During A Little Devil Complex, Erin meets up with her mother and although she doesn’t want to be there her mother tells her that she has some information. Bunny shows her a glove covered in blood believing a person has murdered someone in her new husband’s truck renting company.

In Erin's Mom, Lindsay decides to take the information to Hank who has his reserves about this but decides to look into it. Surely enough her mothers tip proves to be credible as it is revealed the suspect is an armed robber who is kidnapped a family of a woman who was forced to get the money for them. She later meet with her mother and thanks her for leading her to an actual case. However she starts to lose faith and her mother when it is revealed that she knew the robbers but had no part in their deeds. It later turns out Bunny was aware of the reward but needed it to settle a debt to a pimp. At the end, Lindsay spots Hank paying off the debt her mother owed to the pimp. She subsequently contacts him to thank him for what he did.

In The Number of Rats, Nadia is kidnapped, tortured, and killed by Dr. Greg Yates and Lindsay takes her death extremely hard, blaming herself and taking responsibility for "getting her killed." (It would not be until one year later when she would avenge Nadia by, after he had broken out of prison solely to torment her, killing Yates in Chicago, out of self-defense.)

The guilt proved too much to bear so she started unraveling. She hooked up with an old friend and did drugs and drank in excess, causing her to be late for work. In the season 2 finale, she resigned from the Intelligence Unit in order to get some space at her mother's discretion.

Season 3Edit

Lindsay's life kept spiraling downward, with Voight having given up on her and her mother taking advantage of her situation. Jay met Lindsay at some point and they part ways angrily, with Jay telling her to "tell" the real Lindsay that she made a bad call if she ever sees her again. But when Jay is kidnapped, Olinsky calls her and she comes back to get Jay out of the kidnapper's hand. Voight accepts it, albeit begrudgingly. After saving Jay, Voight gives Lindsay two conditions: She has to live with him and do weekly drug tests, and she has to cut off all ties with her mother, Bunny.

As of Climbing Into Bed, Erin asks Jay if he has a couch guy because Voight is letting her move back into her apartment. Jay and Erin hook up and finally get back together.

During Start Digging, Erin is horrified when Justin is killed and Hank since everyone out to find the killer. Deducing what Hank might do after the killer's house is revealed to be empty. Erin tracks Hank down to the Silos where he seem threatening the killer Kevin. She pleads with him not to do it since Justin wouldn’t want him to ask Kevin bakes her to save him. Conflicted as to whether to aid the killer or to let Hank get justice for his son, Erin simply removes herself from the area by leaving.

Season 4Edit

Bunny tries to call her a lot, but Lindsay does not answer. However, when they finally meet, Bunny tries to convince her that Hank is making her do this, but Lindsay tells her that it's her own decision.

In 300,000 Likes, Lindsey and the unit have to deal with the case of a rich boy who is suspected of being responsible for several rapes and murders, as well as a witness being murdered before testifying. Lindsay takes a personal dislike towards the man after finding his attitude to be snobbish. Lindsay and Jay interview the man and not surprisingly he takes a dislike towards him to. Lindsay also overhears that Antonio will be retiring to work with Peter Stone as an investigator for the attorney office.

During Don't Bury This Case, Lindsey and Hank are forced to arrest Kelly Severide after he is suspected of being involved in a vehicular homicide. Lindsay is conflicted when Kelly tells her he doesn’t remember being involved in the accident but if he was to let him rot as punishment. However further investigation shows the unit that Kelly was the victim of a car jacking organization. They bring down the organization and find the real culprit of the Homicide. Lindsay then visit Kelly after he is released and he promises to get his act together as he can very well could’ve done it if he keeps up his drinking.

In Fork in the Road, Lindsay committed brutality on a suspect in order to get the location of a boy he kidnapped and killed. Though the suspect was proven guilty, Lindsay's actions caused her to get snared into a losing battle with Internal Affairs.

In Chicago FireEdit

During a blackout, Lindsay visits Firehouse 51 to warn the firefighters about possible unsavory characters in or around the firehouse. She is first on the scene when a thug named Vince Keeler attempts to attack a young man at the firehouse (revenge for Keeler's niece being hit by a car driven by the young man's drunk brother); Lieutenant Kelly Severide forces Keeler outside and is given a death threat.

Shortly after the blackout, Keeler and his gang kidnap Severide's sister Katie in retaliation. Lindsay is a go-between for updates on the case. Severide beats information about Katie's whereabouts out of one of Keeler's accomplices. This results in a successful reunion between Severide and Katie.

Lindsay talks to Katie in the hospital and it is implied that Keeler beat and raped her. Keeler manages to use a higher up in the CPD to be released. This angers both Severide and Otis, Katie's boyfriend. The two begin to plot revenge with two other firefighters, Capp and Clarke. Katie leaves Chicago for a fresh start and to be away from Keeler.

Keeler is discovered to be missing, with the keys to his Cadillac in the ignition. Lindsay immediately suspects both Severide and Otis. She runs an investigation of the two but comes up empty. It is implied that Severide and Katie's father, Benny, had murdered Keeler. Voight and Lindsay immediately remove Severide and Otis as suspects and bury the case.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • For the time she was in Intelligence, she carried a Glock 19.
  • Her Badge number was 61317.
  • The only police car she has driven was a Chrysler 300C.
    • Her personal car is a black Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8.


Appearances Edit

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