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Fork in the Road
Season 4, Episode 23
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Vital Statistics
Airdate May 17, 2017
Written by Mike Weiss
Directed by Mark Tinker
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Army of One

Fork in the Road is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season and the 84th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


Lindsay's mother, Bunny, becomes a murder suspect when her boyfriend is shot; high school students overdose on drugs; Lindsay finds herself up against the review board.


The episode starts right where Army of One ended, with Erin going to the review board regarding her actions. The board decides to strip Erin of all police power until they have closed the case. While in front of the review board, Lindsay receives an alarming call from her mother who has found her boyfriend shot. Hank decides to visit Bunny and finds Johnny Martelli, Bunny's boyfriend, shot in bed. Bunny claims that she has nothing to do with it, but they later find a gun at the crime scene, so they bring Bunny in. They question Bunny, but she sticks by her story claiming that she got home and found Martelli like that, so they decide to let her go. Erin, although banned from working on any cases, decides to get more information on the case, but Voight sends her home, saying she needs to be smart at the moment.

Jay visits med finding out that Martelli died and is disappointed. He asks Will for their mother's ring, saying he wants to propose to Erin. She is in a tough situation, and he wants to be there for her. Will seems against the idea but they are interrupted with news of 9 teenage OD victims. Will says that there has been other ODs in the same location, which means the teenagers got their supply from the same dealer.

Meanwhile, Hailey and Alvin find out that Martelli was shot while he was asleep and the team discover that the gun found at Bunny's place is not a match to the weapon used on Martelli. However, they were able to match the gun to a delivery truck robbery. Martelli and his partner had stolen 40,000 pills and sold them to high school students who ended up overdosing at med. Voight asks the team to bring Bunny back in, seeing that she knows more than she claims. Platt talks to Upton before she heads to the review board and tells her the importance of her testimony, reminding Hailey that the white shirts don't like Voight and they see Lindsay as "his girl". But Hailey assures Platt that her testimony won't reflect badly on Erin or the unit. Lugo confronts Voight, saying headquarters wants Lindsay to leave Intelligence or the entire unit will be shut down.

Later, Voight pays a visit to Martelli's crew and asks if they have any knowledge on the murder, but they deny it, claiming they didn't know that Martelli would sell those drugs to high schoolers. The team find Martelli's partner, Vincent, and bring him in. During this, Erin decides to have an off-the-book conversation with her mother, asking for more details so she can help her. Bunny declines her help leaving Erin annoyed. Jay and Alvin talk to Vince and get information that Bunny knew about the drugs and had a deal with Martelli. They go to her bar, but find it empty; no drugs, no Bunny. Hank updates Erin on her mother's involvement in the case and asks for a list of Bunny's associates, which he gives to Special Agent Jennifer Spencer, a friend from the FBI.

Upton eventually goes to the review board, but it ends quickly, which confuses her and Platt. Will gives Jay the ring, but is still not convinced it's the right choice, but Jay's mind is made. The Feds arrest Bunny and find boxes of pills in her car, but she continues to deny everything, claiming it's a misunderstanding. After arresting her mother, Spencer meets with Erin, offering her a job with the FBI in New York. Erin is reluctant to accept, but when she learns that Bunny is in FBI custody, she goes to talk to her. Erin demands the truth, and Bunny says that Ian McAuliff, another partner of Martelli's, is responsible for Martelli's death. Lindsay relays the new information with Jay, but leaves before he can pop the question.

The team goes to arrest Ian, but find him dead and Voight realizes that Bunny has been playing them, giving them false leads to throw them off. Eventually the case is passed on to the FBI and Erin decides to take the job in New York under the condition that all charges against Bunny be dropped. Spencer agrees and Bunny is released, but before she leaves Voight confronts her. He says he found her glasses with blood splatter on them at the crime scene, reminding her that she used her glasses to load the gun, but forgot to remove them, so when she shot Martelli, his blood got all over them. Voight agrees to help Bunny, but the deal ends if she puts Erin in jeopardy again. Bunny agrees and Voight is seen tossing the bloody glasses into the back of a garbage truck.

Back at the district, Erin and Voight talk about the job offer, and Voight tells her to "don't look back". They both share a hug and Erin leaves the bullpen. At Molly's, Jay, Will, Hailey, Kevin, and Adam wait for Erin to arrive so they can celebrate, but she never comes. Jay tries calling her, but Erin declines the call and the last scene is her overlooking the city before she leaves.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Chandra West as FBI Agent Jennifer Spencer
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton
  • Carmen Bertucci as Carmine Lupino
  • Tom Petey as Vincent Pollack
  • Christopher Hainsworth as Ted Marchand
  • A.C. Smith as Superintendent
  • Elaine Rivkin as Female White Shirt
  • Darren Stephens as Male White Shirt
  • Taylor Raye as FOP Rep
  • Patrick Cameron as Paramedic


Atwater: I wonder if she heard back from the board already.
Ruzek: Maybe. That's all the more reason to celebrate, right?
Upton: Yeah, or drown her sorrows.
Ruzek: Geez.
Upton: Sorry, I'm Greek, I see tragedy in everything.

Bunny: Does she know?
Voight: No one knows. No one can.
Bunny: Thank you.
Voight: Oh, it's not like that. "Cause I promise you, the second you put her in jeopardy, I'm coming after you.

Will Halstead: Mom's ring. She always said it's not a race, but whoever meets the right girl first gets the ring.

Upton: I'm taking my FOP lawyer. We've prepped. Nothing's going to bounce on this unit or Lindsay. I'm not that kind of cop.
Platt: Good. Then I came up here for nothing.

Platt: Your mother's world record streak of bad luck and crap timing is still going strong, but you don't want to go up there.
Lindsay: I just want to help, ok, I'm not looking to cover for Bunny. Platt: Ok, not only shouldn't you go up there, you can't. Per Chief Lugo, you can't palm in. If you want to disobey, it's me chaperoning, and frankly I don't need the cardio.

Halstead: You came home to find Johnny Martelli dying in your bed and you don't call 911? You call your daughter?
Bunny: She's the police!
Halstead: She's not an ambulance!

Notes and Trivia

  • This marks the last appearance of Sophia Bush (Erin Lindsay) as a series regular.
  • This is Bunny's last episode as a supporting character.