Fork in the Road
Season 4, Episode 23
Fork In The Road
Vital Statistics
Airdate May 17, 2017
Written by Mike Weiss
Directed by Mark Tinker
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Fork in the Road is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season and the 84th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


While in front of the review board facing disciplinary actions, Lindsay receives a distressed call from her mother who has found her boyfriend shot. Intelligence takes on the case and quickly discovers their case is related to high school students who are overdosing, they then learn that Bunny is more involved than they were first led to believe. Meanwhile, Lugo gives Voight an ultimatum regarding Lindsay, which prompts him to broker a deal with the FBI. Also, Halstead plans on proposing to Lindsay, but before he can, Lindsay accepts a job with the FBI in New York.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Crossover Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Chandra West as FBI Agent Jennifer Spencer
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton
  • Carmen Bertucci as Carmine Lupino
  • Tom Pettey as Vincent Pollack
  • Christopher Hainsworth as Ted Marchand
  • A.C. Smith as Superintendent
  • Elaine Rivkin as Female White Shirt
  • Darren Stephens as Male White Shirt
  • Tayor Raye as FOP Rep
  • Patrick Cameron as Paramedic

Quotes Edit

Atwater: I wonder if she heard back from the board already.
Ruzek: Maybe. That's all the more reason to celebrate, right?
Upton: Yeah, or drown her sorrows.
Ruzek: Geez.
Upton: Sorry, I'm Greek, I see tragedy in everything.

Bunny: Does she know?
Voight: No one knows. No one can.
Bunny: Thank you.
Voight: Oh, it's not like that. "Cause I promise you, the second you put her in jeopardy, I'm coming after you.

Will Halstead: Mom's ring. She always said it's not a race, but whoever meets the right girl first gets the ring.

Upton: I'm taking my FOP lawyer. We've prepped. Nothing's going to bounce on this unit or Lindsay. I'm not that kind of cop.
Platt: Good. Then I came up here for nothing.

Platt: Your mother's world record streak of bad luck and crap timing is still going strong, but you don't want to go up there.
Lindsay: I just want to help, ok, I'm not looking to cover for Bunny. Platt: Ok, not only shouldn't you go up there, you can't. Per Chief Lugo, you can't palm in. If you want to disobey, it's me chaperoning, and frankly I don't need the cardio.

Halstead: You came home to find Johnny Martelli dying in your bed and you don't call 911? You call your daughter?
Bunny: She's the police!
Halstead: She's not an ambulance!

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