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Detective Hailey Upton is a member of the Chicago Police Intelligence Unit

Biography Edit

As a child, her father ran a corner store in Greektown. Mr. Upton was very abusive, as he would regularly beat her mother, brothers, and herself. Despite the abuse, her mother remained at the house with her father even long after she and her siblings moved away.

When the corner store was robbed in 2003, she stayed by the desk of Sergeant Trudy Platt, who was part of a Robbery-Homicide unit at the time, until it was solved, all the while worrying for the health of her father. This event, combined with the countless childhood abuse, inspired Upton to become a policewoman, where she originally became a member of that same Robbery-Homicide unit.

Season 4Edit

Upton was first partnered with Erin Lindsay in her first days at Intelligence, before Lindsay chose to accept a job application to the FBI in New York. She is now partnered with Detective Jay Halstead, with whom she relates to on a personal level.

Relationships Edit

Partners Edit

Jay Halstead Edit

Initially, Jay and Hailey were on uneasy terms with one another on a case that brought her unit against his. However, after joining Intelligence, their relationship started off rocky since Jay was still dealing with the heartbreak of Erin leaving and a little part of him blamed Hailey for being there, but slowly their relationship began to smooth out; both became good friends and partners with one another as time goes on since Lindsay left for New York.

Throughout their time as partners, they have relied on each other as confidants and for comfort. Hailey is the first to suggest Jay get some help after an undercover operation gone awry triggers traumatic relapses for him, she also encourages him to take therapy seriously after telling him she would have to find another partner if he didn't. She often asks for updates regarding his sessions and is happy to know that it benefits him. She is also the first to tend to Jay after he gets shot in "Endings", crying even after knowing he is okay. Likewise, Jay visits her after a similar operation turned personal for Hailey and shared a drink with her.

Over time, she and Jay grew to trust each other a lot as partners and began to develop a close friendship outside of work, often communicating through eye contact and seeking out each others advice and knowing when to step in to help each other out if they think one of them is at risk during a case. They really respect each others opinions and have voiced out their admiration and devotion of each other as their partners.

Romance Edit

Adam Ruzek Edit

Like with Jay, she initially was on uneasy terms with Adam, but later becomes friends with him after joining Intelligence.

While rarely partnered with Ruzek, she is often the one to keep him in line, and is unwilling to blindly follow him in breaking protocol. They were both in a romantic relationship with one another, from Bad Boys to Sacrifice, wherein they both agreed they were better off as friends.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Hailey is left-handed.
  • She uses a Glock 19 as her sidearm.
  • Hailey has so far driven a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and a Ford Taurus Police Interceptor; since Season 7, she started using a low-profile black Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.
  • She is Greek-American.
  • Her actress, Tracy Spiridakos, says she listens to metal and is a dirt bike rider.
  • Her radio code is 5021 Henry.
  • Her badge number is 55055.
  • Trudy Platt served as her inspiration to be a cop.

Appearances Edit

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