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Hit Me
Season 3, Episode 13
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Vital Statistics
Airdate February 3, 2016
Written by Mike Weiss & Cole Maliska
Directed by Rohn Schmidt
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Looking Out For Stateville
The Song of Gregory Williams Yates

Hit Me is thirteenth episode of the third season and the 51st overall episode of Chicago P.D.


Lindsay and Halstead go undercover to bust a group of men who impersonate police officers and assault women who win money at a casino. Meanwhile, Burgess request a transfer following her breakup from Ruzek.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Erik Jensen as Detective Martin Watts
  • Jennifer Estlin as Virginia Watts
  • Stephen Conrad Moore as Clayton "Bug" Howard
  • Malcom Banks as Gerard Garner
  • Jon Patrick O'Brien as Baron Drew
  • Jeff Garretson as Manager
  • Callie Johnson as Kristie Bradford
  • Christopher R. Ellis as Officer Sam Mularz
  • Joe Anderson as Head Mechanic
  • Laura Wettingfeld as Elizabeth McKenney
  • Emily Gregory as Bryn
  • Rhonda Lorenz-Pignato as Cashier
  • Scott Anderson as Street Deputy Timmons



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