I Remember Her Now
Season 4, Episode 13
I Remember Her Now 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate February 8, 2017
Written by Gwen Sigan
Directed by David Rodriguez
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Seven Indictments

I Remember Her Now is the thirteenth episode of the forth season and the 74th overall episode of Chicago P.D.

Summary Edit

The body of a 15-year-old girl is found crushed in an abandoned building, after she runs away from a treatment center for troubled girls. Voight sends Halstead undercover as a guard to work from the inside at the center, where he believes the girls are trading sexual favors for something in return. Meanwhile, Platt feels guilty because the victim was brought into the District last year, and Platt doesn't remember her.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Danika Yarosh as Ellie
  • Meg DeLacy as Tonya Whitley
  • Ben Hopkins as Vince
  • Charles Andrew Gardner as Michael
  • Patrick Lane as Andrew Page
  • Deanna Reed-Foster as Tina Cantrell
  • Celeste Cooper as Medical Examiner
  • Birgundi Baker as Jess
  • Celeste Burns as Maria
  • Jaime Santana as Ty
  • Peter Masterton as Staff
  • Sarah Irwin as Teenager
  • Megan Beverly as Staff

Quotes Edit

Atwater: I'm gonna need you to take this $20 or I'm gonna dump you in that garbage can head first.

Atwater: How the hell does a girl get checked in for rounds 24 hours after she dies?
Lindsay: Someone's lying their ass off.

Atwater: What my polite partner's asking was if she was going to score drugs.

Platt: My desk is not a coffee clatch.

Voight: They're about two police reports away from getting shut down and losing all that funding.

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