James Osha
James Osha
Full Name James Osha
Status Alive
Occupation Assistant State’s Attorney
Seasons 5
First Appearance Saved
Last Appearance Homecoming
Portrayed by Michael McGrady

James Osha is the Assistant State’s Attorney. He is portrayed by Michael McGrady.

Biography Edit

ASA James Osha is a formidable, ambitious, and intelligent individual. [1]

Appearances Edit

Season 5 Appearances
"Reform" "The Thing About Heroes" "Promise" "Snitch" "Home"
"Fallen" "Care Under Fire" "Politics" "Monster" "Rabbit Hole"
"Confidential" "Captive" "Chasing Monsters" "Anthem" "Sisterhood"
"Profiles" "Breaking Point" "Ghosts" "Payback" "Saved"
"Allegiance" "Homecoming"

References Edit

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