Jason Crawford is the Interim Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department.  He is the successor of Brian Kelton, who was found murdered at the end of 06X23 - Reckoning and appears in the opening scene of 07X0q - Doubt on the crime scene of Kelton's murder.


Hank VoightEdit

Unlike Kelton, Crawford and Voight don't clash each time they see each other.  In 07X06 - False Positive, Crawford and Voight tell each other how data has served them both well.  Crawford encourages Voight to use a new facial recognition software which cross-references data across multiple government agencies.  With 99.64% certainty, a man by the name of Jerome West is identified.  Voight states how he is impressed by the software but also states how they don't have any evidence and can't get a warrant.  Crawford tells Voight that his brother is a magistrate and can get him a warrant and Halstead reminds Voight about how two nine-year-old boys were killed.  The team arrests and brings in West.  Halstead interrogated him and gets nothing.  Halstead interrogates him again and pushes harder, but still gets nothing.  After the second try, Halstead decides to place West in county for the remaining 11 hours of the 48 hour hold.  While in county, West is attacked by a rival gang member and later dies at Chicago Med.  Upon further investigation, it is discovered that West was in another location at the time of the Robbery/Homicide and that it was an inside job.  Crawford is confused as to why Voight and Halstead decided to book him into County and tells Voight that Halstead will have to pay the tab on West's murder.  Voight disagree and tells Crawford that he will be the one who pays the tab on the murder.  Intelligence finds the actual perpetrator and Crawford asks Voight how to proceed.  "Not like how they teach you in the academy," Voight says.  Crawford holds a false press conference and tells the public that Jerome West was identified as the killer and how he was killed by rival gang members.  Crawford and Voight let the killer's gang beat him up and kill him.  

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