Jennifer Spencer
Jennifer Spencer - Fork In The Road (2)
Full Name Jennifer Spencer
Status Alive
Affiliation FBI
Department New York Counter-terrorism Unit
Seasons 4
Only Appearance Fork in the Road
Portrayed by Chandra West

Jennifer Spencer is an FBI Agent who arrests Bunny Fletcher and offers Erin Lindsay a job with the FBI, in the episode Fork in the Road. She is portrayed by Chandra West.

Appearances Edit

Season 4 Appearances
"The Silos" "Made a Wrong Turn" "All Cylinders Firing" "Big Friends, Big Enemies" "A War Zone"
"Some Friend" "300,000 Likes" "A Shot Heard Around the World" "Don't Bury This Case" "Don't Read the News"
"You Wish" "Sanctuary" "I Remember Her Now" "Seven Indictments" "Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will"
"Emotional Proximity" "Remember the Devil" "Little Bit of Light" "Last Minute Resistance" "Grasping for Salvation"
"Fagin" "Army of One" "Fork in the Road"

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