Detective Kevin Atwater is a police officer for the Chicago Police Department. He is partnered with Officer Kim Burgess on numerous occasions. Since Season 2, he works with the Intelligence Unit. He is portrayed by LaRoyce Hawkins.

Biography Edit

Atwater takes pride in his job as a patrol officer. Usually, he is the driver of a squad car in a partnership arrangement. He has been undercover with Olinsky once, and is seen to be very good at it.

Both Atwater and Burgess are constant targets of Desk Sergeant Platt's attitude. However, they are generally able to laugh it off after shift.

When Platt assigns Atwater and Burgess a new squad car, the car is not to be damaged. However, during an ill-fated arrest of a psychotic suspect, the mirror of the car is knocked off. Atwater uses an old connection from his neighborhood to fix the mirror, but it ends up having construction debris fall onto the hood soon after, much to his and Burgess' chagrin.

In A Beautiful Friendship, he is promoted to Hank Voight's Intelligence unit.

For a majority of his life, Atwater has been the legal guardian to his younger siblings, Vinessa and Jordan. However, after events in Snitch and Home involving the two, he decides to let them move to Texas to ensure their safety. He still keeps in contact with them and misses them dearly.

At some point between Assets and Familia, he was promoted to detective.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Kevin used a Glock 17 as his sidearm from Seasons 1-5. In Season 6, he switches this out for a Springfield Champion Lightweight.
  • During Season 4, Kevin started using a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat as a police car. As a patrol officer, he has previously driven a Ford Crown Victoria and Chevrolet Impala, and uses both occasionally as unmarked vehicles on sting operations.
    • Before the Hellcat, he has used Dawson's Dodge Ram 1500 following his departure from Intelligence, wrecking it only once.
  • One of Atwater's Radio Codes is 5021 David
  • This may suggest that he shares radio codes with Officer Adam Ruzek because he has also used the radio code 5021 David

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Appearances
"Stepping Stone" "Wrong Side of the Bars" "Chin Check" "Now Is Always Temporary" "Thirty Balloons"
"Conventions" "The Price We Pay" "Different Mistakes" "A Material Witness" "At Least It's Justice"
"Turn the Light Off" "8:30 PM" "My Way" "The Docks" "A Beautiful Friendship"
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"Prison Ball" "They'll Have to Go Through Me" "Assignment of the Year" "Called in Dead" "Shouldn't Have Been Alone"
"We Don't Work Together Anymore" "Disco Bob" "A Little Devil Complex" "Erin's Mom" "What Do You Do"
"What Puts You On That Ledge" "Say Her Real Name" "Get Back to Even" "The Three Gs" "The Number of Rats"
"There's My Girl" "Push The Pain Away" "Born Into Bad News"
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"You Never Know Who's Who" "A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes" "Forget My Name" "Never Forget I Love You" "Now I'm God"
"Knocked The Family Right Out" "Looking Out For Stateville" "Hit Me" "The Song of Gregory Williams Yates" "A Night Owl"
"The Cases that Need to be Solved" "Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb" "Kasual with a K" "If We Were Normal" "In A Duffel Bag"
"Justice" "She's Got Us" "Start Digging"
Season 4 Appearances
"The Silos" "Made a Wrong Turn" "All Cylinders Firing" "Big Friends, Big Enemies" "A War Zone"
"Some Friend" "300,000 Likes" "A Shot Heard Around the World" "Don't Bury This Case" "Don't Read the News"
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"Emotional Proximity" "Remember the Devil" "Little Bit of Light" "Last Minute Resistance" "Grasping for Salvation"
"Fagin" "Army of One" "Fork in the Road"
Season 5 Appearances
"Reform" "The Thing About Heroes" "Promise" "Snitch" "Home"
"Fallen" "Care Under Fire" "Politics" "Monster" "Rabbit Hole"
"Confidential" "Captive" "Chasing Monsters" "Anthem" "Sisterhood"
"Profiles" "Breaking Point" "Ghosts" "Payback" "Saved"
"Allegiance" "Homecoming"
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