Last Minute Resistance
Season 4, Episode 19
Last Minute Resistance 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate April 5, 2017
Written by Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by John Hyams
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Grasping for Salvation

Last Minute Resistance was the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of and the 80th overall episode of Chicago P.D.. There was a small crossover between Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Justice.


After a night out with friends, Burgess' sister Nicole is drugged and sexually assaulted. The Intelligence unit bands together to investigate the brutal attack, and soon find one of Nicole's friends is missing, only to later be found dead, having escaped the men who took both women. Lindsay and Burgess head undercover to draw out the suspects, and when one of the suspects tries to assault Burgess, the rest of the team move in to make an arrest. Later, Burgess takes temporary leave from Intelligence to care for her sister.


Main Cast

Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jules Willcox as Nicole Silver
  • Tyler Ritter as Rex Goldwin
  • Ned Bellamy as Arlen Pfister
  • Thomas E. Sullivan as Keith Tasker
  • Brian Muller as Andrew Latimer
  • Aimee Laurence as Zoe Silver
  • Eric Altheide as Jordan Silver
  • Mike Schiff as Harry Klinsman
  • Elizabeth Argus as Jasmine
  • Eric Leonard as Jimmy
  • Adriana Leonard as Denise Miranda
  • Jeff Meyer as Eric
  • Samuel Evan Horowitz as Hector
  • David Zallis as Co-Worker
  • Tamara Kamara as Tipsy Woman
  • Thomas Nardini as Hipster
  • Bill Meincke as Bartender


Platt: You might not believe it but I used to go undercover as a street walker 20 years ago. (Burgess and Lindsay give her a look) Okay 25 years ago.

Burgess: I want to go undercover with Lindsay.
Voight: I don't think it's the right fit, Kim.
Burgess: It's the perfect fit. I know the case, I work well with Lindsay, and I'm the right gender.
Voight: You're too close to this.
Burgess: Like you were too close to Justin?

Lindsay: Harry Klinsman? Chicago PD. We need to talk.
Harry: About what?
Lindsay: Manslut, and what you were doing last night.

Voight: Do you drive a black Audi Q7?
Goldwin: Yeah, you a car guy?
Voight: Only when they're involved in a crime.

Burgess: Sarg?
Voight: Yeah?
Burgess: Thank you for taking this on.
Voight: An attack on your family is an attack on our family.

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