Lonnie Rodiger
Lonnie - Chin Check
Full Name Lonnie Rodiger
Status Deceased
Family Phil Rodiger
Seasons 1
First Appearance Chin Check
Last Appearance A Material Witness
Portrayed by Matthew Sherbach

Lonnie Rodiger was a serial murderer and pedophile who avoided justice for his crimes.He was portrayed by Matthew Sherbach.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit

Lonnie was a young pedophile who was suspected of murdering several boys, including Ben Corson, the younger brother of Detective Halstead's high school sweetheart.

Halstead would park his car outside the Rodiger home, in plain view, every year on the anniversary of Ben's death. This was to make his point to Lonnie that he had not forgotten about Ben and the other murder victims. This prompted Lonnie's father, Phil, to file a restraining order against Halstead.

Lonnie was later found dead, by strangulation. [1] Halstead was the prime suspect but was exonerated when Phil confessed to killing his son. He did this in a fit of rage, upon discovering incriminating photos on Lonnie's computer. [2]

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Appearances
"Stepping Stone" "Wrong Side of the Bars" "Chin Check" "Now Is Always Temporary" "Thirty Balloons"
"Conventions" "The Price We Pay" "Different Mistakes" "A Material Witness" "At Least It's Justice"
"Turn the Light Off" "8:30 PM" "My Way" "The Docks" "A Beautiful Friendship"

References Edit

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