Season 5, Episode 9
Monster 1
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Airdate December 6, 2017
Written by Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by Valerie Weiss
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Monster is the ninth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


The death of Judge Tommy Wells' daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago and the doctor enabling it. Meanwhile, Voight discovers who's been leaking information from the 21st.

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  • Anabelle Acosta as Camila Vega
  • Michael Trucco as Frank Barrett
  • Alexander Chaplin as Doctor Lewis Macy
  • Kaley Ronayne as Sam Scott
  • John Pankow as Judge Thomas Wells
  • Monica Barbaro as Assistant State's Attorney Anna Valdez
  • Sam Guinan-Nyhart as Vance Williams
  • Christine Vrem-Ydstie as Julianne Hudson (Wells)
  • Jessica Ridenour as Janet Graham
  • Jesse Harper as Lawyer
  • Scarlett Harper as Caitlin
  • Jake Helm as Dylan

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Ruzek: Voight is my family, that's what you don't understand. They're all my family. And I'm not going to give them up for the likes of you.
Woods: It's not a bridge that you want to burn son.
Ruzek: You're right. It's a bridge that I want to blow the hell up.

Upton: It's the new world of reform, everyone wants to bury a cop.

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