Natalie Manning
Natalie manning
Full Name Natalie Manning
Status Alive
Affiliation Chicago Medical Center
Occupation Pediatric and Emergency Medicine Fellow at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center
Relationships Jeffrey Manning † (Former Husband)
Will Halstead (ex-Fiancé)
Family Lou Conte (Father)
Carol Conte (Mother
Owen Manning (Son)
Helen Manning (Ex-Mother-In-Law)
Seasons 3 & 4
Portrayed by Torrey DeVitto

Dr. Natalie Manning (née Conte) is a pediatrician at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, who is doing a fellowship in emergency medicine. She is a main character of Chicago Med.

Appearances Edit

  1. Now I'm God
  2. If We Were Normal
  3. In A Duffel Bag
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Emotional Proximity
  6. Last Minute Resistance