Nicole Silver (neé Burgess) is the older sister of Detective Kim Burgess.


Season 4 Edit

Nicole first appeared in the episode a Little Bit of Light. She shows up in Chicago to visit Kim with the news that she's getting divorced. Nicole briefly clashes with Burgess’ ex-fiancé, Adam Ruzek, about the break-up. And Burgess invites Nicole and Zoe to stay with her until she had decided what to do and how she was going to move on from the divorce.

In the episode Last Minute Resistance, Kim wakes to find that Nicole never returned home after a night out with friends. Nicole is drugged and sexually assaulted, and is found by Kim and Adam on a subway bench. The Intelligence Unit investigate the people who harmed Nicole, but they stumble upon the body of one of her friends.

Partnered with Erin Lindsay, Kim goes undercover at a nightclub and they end up back at the apartment of the two suspects. After intentionally drinking something laced with a date-rape drug, Kim stumbles into the bedroom where her sister was attacked to lure out one of the attackers. Whilst the rest of the Intelligence Unit rush in, Kim takes matters into her own hands and gets revenge for her sister’s attack by giving the man a savage beating.

At the end of the episode, Kim is admitted to the hospital and reveals to Nicole that she put away her attackers. Kim also assures her sister that she's got her back, to her happiness. Zoe enters and the family share a hug. Kim also takes time off from Intelligence to look after her sister and help her deal with what she's suffered.

Appearances Edit

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