Season 5, Episode 19
Payback 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate April 11, 2018
Written by Story by: John Dove
Teleplay by: John Dove & Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by Nicole Rubio
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Payback is the nineteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


A string of stash house robberies lead back to an unlikely individual. Voight confronts a key witness in the Bingham investigation.

Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Demetrius Grosse as Ray Denza
  • Antonique Smith as Detective Rachael Rojas
  • Flor De Liz Perez as Sarah Montero
  • Billy Malone as Sergeant Kenny Marino
  • Ilana Guralnik as Crystal
  • Duane Deering as Ruben Gilbright
  • Julian Hester as Jimmy Lewis
  • Jose Rosario Jr. as "Big Frank" Bennett
  • Ashton Swinford as Sammy
  • Izer Martinez as Miguel Soto
  • Eddie Torres as Juan Fernandez
  • Marcus Hendricks as Uniformed Officer
  • Erika Hakmiller as Kathy

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Voight: It's not easy to outrun your demons.

Ruzek: Guy inside is down. He's not getting back up. Not ever.

Ray: Like I said, I'ma start doing some sniffing soon.
Atwater: Well, I'ma need you to have a more powerful nose then. For real, dog, like one of them damn truffle pigs cause me and my partner already $500 in the hole.

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