Peter Mills
Peter Mills
Full Name Peter Mills
Alias Mills
Status Alive
Affiliation Chicago Fire Department, Firehouse 51, Truck 81
Occupation Firefighter
Relationships Henry Mills (Father; deceased)
Ingrid Mills (Mother)
Elise Mills (Sister)
Gabriela Dawson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Isabella (Ex-Girlfriend)
Seasons 1 & 2
Portrayed by Charlie Barnett

Peter Mills is currently living in North Carolina with his mother and sister, running their own restaurant. He was introduced in Chicago Fire Season 1 as the new Fire Candidate on Truck 81, Mills has proved himself to be a determined and skilled firefighter. He was eventually transferred to Rescue Squad 3, however due to illness was transferred to Ambulance 61 as he was not cleared for firefighter duty. He was eventually reinstated as a firefighter and transferred back to Squad 3, where he later decided he did not want to be a firefighter and wanted to be with his family in North Carolina.