Phil Rodiger
Phil - Chin Check
Full Name Phil Rodiger
Status Alive
Family Lonnie Rodiger
Seasons 1
First Appearance Chin Check
Last Appearance At Least It's Justice
Portrayed by Don Forston

Phil Rodiger was the father and killer of pedophile Lonnie Rodiger. He was portrayed by Don Forston.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit

Father to his son Lonnie, Phil would often defend his son against Detective Jay Halstead's accusations of killing 8 year-old Ben Corson, among several other victims. This has escalated to the point in which he was forced to file a restraining order against Halstead.

Phil strangled Lonnie to death, after finding evidence on his laptop, that he was a pedophile and a murderer. [1] At Halstead's suggestion, he turns himself into the 21st District and confesses his crime.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Appearances
"Stepping Stone" "Wrong Side of the Bars" "Chin Check" "Now Is Always Temporary" "Thirty Balloons"
"Conventions" "The Price We Pay" "Different Mistakes" "A Material Witness" "At Least It's Justice"
"Turn the Light Off" "8:30 PM" "My Way" "The Docks" "A Beautiful Friendship"

References Edit

  1. At Least It's Justice
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