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Season 5, Episode 16
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Vital Statistics
Airdate March 07, 2018
Written by Gwen Sigan
Directed by Eriq La Salle
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Profiles is the sixteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D. It is also the 100th episode of the series. This episode is part 1 of a crossover with Chicago Fire episode Hiding Not Seeking.


Intelligence investigates a string of bombings targeting members of the media. Racing against a ticking clock, the team enlists Firehouse 51 to help examine the devices and prevent the next attack.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Guest Cast

  • Danny McCarthy as Mark Tremon
  • James Colby as Bomb Unit Sergeant Ray Dwyer
  • Ariana Cordero as Eva Dawson
  • Todd A. Horman as George Lehr
  • Jason Bradley as Larry Shepard
  • Rebecca Hurd as Sheri
  • Rudy Galvan as Malcolm
  • Keith Kupferer as Joe
  • Antoine Pierre as Tommy
  • Michael Sherwin as Allen Tullis
  • Bri Sudia as Amy
  • Sean Michael Sullivan as Bomb Squad Tech Sullivan
  • Brian Huther as Patrol Officer Joey Mendez
  • Michael Carollo as Officer
  • Brianna Borger as Shelby
  • Sophie Kaegi as 12 Year Old Girl


Antonio rushes into firehouse 51 but is stopped by his ex Sylvie Brett. She asks if he is okay and he quickly replies yes. The two walks in as Brett mentions how she is glad they can talk without it being awkward, which Antonio brushes off. Sylvie asks is Antonio is here for Platt's big interview as Mouch is throwing a big celebration for it. Inside the firehouse, Mouch begs Hermann to live-tweet Platt's interview, but he says no. When Mouch sees Antonio, he asks what he is doing at the firehouse as PD was having their own celebration, but Antonio instead asks where Eva, his daughter, is. He finds her with Gabby and tells her to grab her stuff as she is leaving. When asked why, Antonio tells her that she is grounded because she went to a party and posted pictures of her and her friends drinking. Eva tries to explain, but Antonio doesn't want to hear it and asks for her phone. Gabby, who was a witness to this entire conversation, teases Antonio about his strictness, but he ignores it.

Back at the 21st district, Intelligence is getting ready for Platt's big interview. Adam greets Eva and asks whether Antonio is staying for the party, but Antonio says no as he is just here to grab some paperwork. The interview begins and the team is excited to see Trudy on TV. Eva continues to argue with her dad how she didn't do anything wrong but Antonio has heard enough. They are quickly interrupted by a loud beeping coming from the TV and turn towards the TV just in time to see the room Trudy is being interviewed in blow up, leaving the team in shock.

At the scene of the explosion, Voight arrives and asks one of the patrol officers to set up containment around the building, not letting anyone in or out. Meanwhile, Mouch frantically search for Trudy, but still can't find her which scares the team. Inside the explosion, Trudy wakes up from being knocked out and she is bleeding. She catches her breath and finds two bodies, Betty the news announcer, and Sheri the interviewer. Sheri is still alive but Betty is dead. Trudy drags Sheri into a room and closes the door preventing the fire to spread inside. She tries calling Mouch but there is no service. Thinking she is about to die, she hears Kelly Severide and yells. Soon Severide finds them and brings them both out of the building. Trudy reunites with Mouch and tells Voight how it was a timer bomb from Sheri's room.

Brett and Dawson get Sheri on an ambulance but Sheri won't go to the hospital without talking to a cop, so Gabby asks Antonio to come with them. Inside the ambulance, Brett continues to treat Sheri while Sheri tells Antonio what happened. She tells him how a package was delivered to her earlier that day and she thinks it is the bomb. She tells Antonio how she had been getting threats and she saw the man who was in his 40s with a beard. Before she can continue, she dies in the ambulance. Back at the district, the team go over what they know so far. Sheri, who was the intended target, is a journalist who has been getting a lot of threats from an anonymous person. After checking securing footage, they are able to find an image of a man with similar descriptions standing outside the news station during the explosion. There isn't enough to ID the offender, so Antonio says they should release it to the public, hoping they can ID the man. Jay thinks it's a bad idea, as they only have a few images of the man outside the vicinity, but Antonio just wants to ID the man who killed Sheri. Voight gives the approval to release the image to the public, hoping to get an ID from them. Kim enters the bullpen and tells the team how the main desk clerk has everyone sign in before delivering a package and he only had one delivery that day. After checking the sign in sheet, they identify their possible suspect as Eric Mitchell. Hailey and Jay head to his place and approach him as he walks to his mailbox, but when he opens the mailbox, another bomb goes off, killing him instantly.

Back at the district, Kim tells the team how the bomb from the mailbox was triggered to go off when the mailbox door was opened. Knowing that Eric Mitchell is not their suspect, they go back to square one. Jay tells the team how their real suspect is playing with them, misleading them to waste time. Eric Mitchell is another journalist who has no apparent connections to Sheri. While the team discuss, Trudy enters the bullpen telling the team that she is fine. She tells Voight that she just wants to help however she can. Antonio and Alvin go to firehouse 51 to talk to Severide and their bomb expert about the bombs. They tell the detectives how both bombs are very similar which means that they are both made by the same person. The only key thing about these bombs is that military grade C-4 was used, which can only be found on the black market. Back at the district, Olinsky and Antonio update Voight about the two bombs. The only way someone can get hold of C-4 easily is being in the military. Atwater interrupts them and tells them how someone had ID the photo they released to the public, Mark Tremon. Mark Tremon is white in his late 40s and had a beard, but he is also military, which means he could have easily stolen C-4 for the bombs. Believing that he is the true suspect, the team go over to his house to search his place. Mark isn't compliant and doesn't give permission to enter his house. Things go sideways when Mark's kids come home from school but the patrol officers stop them. This angers Mark and he lunges at them, so Antonio and Kim tackle him and arrest him forcefully.

They bring Mark back to the district, and Antonio and Voight interrogate him. Antonio is sure that Mark is the one responsible so he plays hardball, not listening to what Mark has to say. Mark continues to deny knowing anything about the bombings, telling the cops how he was there to fill out a form but had to leave so he could pick his daughter up from school. Voight and Antonio don't believe him, so they bring up Mark's military past, claiming that because Mark knew how to defuse bombs, he could easily build them too. Mark continues to stay quiet and asks for a lawyer.

Back in the bullpen, they are able to create a connection between Mark and the victims but it is very small, near to nothing. They still have nothing on Mark except his anger issues, but Jay tells them that just because you are angry, doesn't mean your build bombs. He tells the team that maybe they have the wrong person, as his house was cleared of any bomb materials. Antonio still thinks that Mark is their guy but Jay disagrees, giving him the benefit of the doubt because Mark was in the military. Voight decides to have Adam and Kevin go talk to people who were close to Mark, asking whether his behavior could be justified. A coworker of Mark tells them how Mark gets angry sometimes, but doesn't seem like the guy who would build a bomb. He tells the officers how Mark was trying to protect Sheri from another guy, white with a beard. Meanwhile, Trudy goes back to her front desk to see Burgess. Burgess tells Trudy that she should take a break, maybe go to a spa. but Trudy refuses. While they talk, a package gets delivered to the district and when Trudy reads the note from the box, she freezes, realizing its another bomb from their suspect. She and Kim quickly evacuates the building and wait for bomb squad to defuse the bomb. The Bomb Tech tells the team how the bomb was from the same person, but it wouldn't have gone off as the bomb was made quickly.

The team head back into the district and continue their investigation, not getting much lead on the delivery aspect. Trudy enters the bullpen after finding a gossip blog that Eric and Sheri wrote for. Voight, believing that a story from the blog had ruined someone's life, sends the team to talk to people who wrote for the blog. As everyone leaves to do their assigned task, Jay asks Antonio if they can release Mark Tremon who was in police custody when the bomb was sent, telling Antonio how his life is being blown up on the internet, but Antonio still thinks Mark is involved somehow. Meanwhile, Al goes and talks to a friend of his who knows more about the C-4. Hailey, Adam, and Jay go talk to writers from the gossip blog Sheri ran, asking whether they knew what story Sheri had written that could have possibly ruined someone's life. They mention the Larry Shepard story. Larry was writing about a murder that had happened to a young woman, and Sheri thought that he could have been involved in the murder. The rumor spread quickly and Shepard was fired. The problem was that Shepard wasn't involved and they even found the real killer. Shepard's career was ruined over fake news and he never forgave Sheri. Hailey shows Adam and Jay a most recent picture of Larry Shepard, a white man in his 40s, with a beard.

The team set up outside his house and turn off all the street lights, so they won't alert their suspect. They head into his house and search his place, but there is no sign of Shepard. But in one of the rooms, Voight finds a bunch of pictures of Sheri and Eric with the words fake news written all over it, proving that Shepard is their actual suspect. The next day, the team update Voight on what they have so far regarding Shepard. They tell him how Shepard has no digital footprint and has no recent addresses or vehicles registered to him, so it's impossible to find him. Olinsky tells Voight how he has info on someone who sells C-4, so he and Antonio go bring him in. They bring him in but the man, Malcolm, is very skittish, believing that electronic devices are bad. Malcolm claims to know nothing but after being threatened, he gives them a name, George Lehr. Lehr is a small-time dealer who sells military grade C-4 to Larry Shepard illegally, as there are multiple messages between the two. They decide to monitor Lehr as they don't want their only lead to Shepard to get spooked. Voight also tells Antonio to release Mark Tremon, as they now know that he has nothing to do with the bombings. Antonio goes and releases him and Mark is shocked to hear that he is not being charged and how Antonio doesn't have the gut to apologies to him after wrongly accusing him. As Mark walks out of the room, Antonio gets a call from Diego and quickly rushes home to find Eva packing a bag so she can stay at her aunt's house during the weekend. She is mad at her dad for not letting her explain her side of the story. She tells him how she went to the party to drive her drunk friend home. Antonio realizing his mistake, apologizes and tells her that he just wants to make sure she is safe. After making up, Antonio decides to pay Mark a visit and apologize for wrongfully accusing him, but when he gets there, he sees police outside interviewing Mark. Apparently, someone threw a rock through Mark's front window which scared his kids. Mark sees Antonio near his house, glares at him, and walks away.

The next day, Hailey is alone in the bullpen working on the case when Voight walks in. Hailey gives Voight a folder, telling him that she has a way to get Lehr's emails without Lehr knowing. After reviewing the file, Voight tells Upton to call Antonio to meet him. At the firehouse, Antonio and Voight try to get Chief Boden to help them with their case. Apparently, the paramedics, Dawson and Brett, have been doing house visits for Lehr for a few years now. Voight asks Boden if he could use the paramedics to get into Lehr's property. Boden immediately disapproves not wanting to endanger his paramedics but when Dawson and Brett say they can do it, he finally agrees.

This story continues on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 13.


  • This is Chicago P.D.'s 100th overall episode.
  • This episode is part one of a crossover with Chicago Fire.




Voights: Nothing's dead until we pronounce it.

Platt: Seriously, if one more person asks me if I'm ok they are not going to be ok.

Halstead: Nice house for a journalist. I thought journalism was supposed to be extinct.
Upton: Well, depends what kind. Still a hell lot of money if you make the news entertainment.

Eva: You can't trust the internet, it always looks worse than it is.

Dawson: That's not your profile? Under a fake name so I can't monitor it?