Rabbit Hole
Season 5, Episode 10
Rabbit Hole 1
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Airdate January 3, 2018
Written by Rick Eid & Gwen Sigan
Directed by Carl Seaton
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Rabbit Hole is the tenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


Halstead’s partying with Camila unintentionally puts him in the middle of a drug-related homicide. He’s forced to choose between loyalty to his unit and his girl. Meanwhile, Voight finally discovers the mole in his unit.

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Main Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Anabelle Acosta as Camila Vega
  • Tyler Elliot Burke as Wallace Blake
  • Johnny Ferro as Alex K.
  • Celeste Cooper as Medical Examiner
  • Carl Clemons-Hopkins as DEA Agent Thomas
  • Karmann Bajuyo as FBI Agent Keller
  • Alex Stein as Mike
  • Wendy Mateo as Tech
  • Mark Spates Smith as Super
  • William Kletzien as Driver
  • Emily Berman as Maggie / Ella Porter

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Camila: Like hell if I didn't know him. The person you know, that's the lie.

Ruzek: I mean, Lieutenant, what is this? Why do you hate Voight so much?
Woods: Hate? Nah. We're two dogs in a cage with one bowl of food. That's not hate. It's survival.

Camila: When the murder was happening, I was in the back room screwing your partner. Is that good enough?

Camila: So you're really a cop?
Halstead: Yah, I don't know what to say...
Camila: You make me sick. You know what it's like to be with someone who doesn't really exist? You know how that feels?

Voight: The way I see it, you got two choices. Serve me up to Woods or you can help me take him out.
Ruzek: Sarge, I'm with you. I've away been with you.

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