Ronald Booth is a past associate of Hailey Upton's undercover identity. He is portrayed by Titus Welliver.

Biography Edit

After being released from Cook County, Booth takes a job as a paint manager. He attends the funeral of one of his associates before coming across Hailey, who had taken up her old undercover identity to track him down alongside her partner, Jay.

During a drug deal at an underground garage, Booth puts the deal on hold, saying has to check for firearms. He then starts to molest Hailey from his earlier motive to start a sexual relationship with her. As Jay intervenes, Hailey disorients Booth, grabs his pistol, and shoots his nephew dead, chasing after him as he flees into a stairwell. A fight ensues between the two, with Booth revealing he knew that Hailey was a cop before he is put down. Before she is tempted to shoot him dead to avenge her ex-partner, Jay convinces her to lay the gun down, but not before she knocks Booth out with a pistol whip. He is arrested afterwards, but leaves Hailey traumatized. [1]

References Edit

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