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She's Got Us
Season 3, Episode 22
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Airdate May 18, 2016
Written by Mike Weiss
Directed by Lin Oeding
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She's Got Us is the twenty-second episode of the third season and the 60th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


While responding to a call of shots fired at a family residence, Lindsay and Halstead discover the only survivor is the youngest daughter who is traumatized. While Lindsay and Dr. Charles evaluate the girl and see if she can help identify the killer, Antonio and Olinsky look into a pyramid scheme "self-help" group for potential suspects. Meanwhile, Platt tries to make a case to Commander Crowley for Burgess and Roman to remain partners.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kylie Rogers as Polly Carlson
  • Kevin Oestenstad as Lewis Barrow
  • Randy Steinmeyer as Jerome Dougherty
  • Joe Adler as Gerald Dougherty
  • Chris Amos as Graham Simmons
  • John Gray as Allan Sloan
  • David Krajecki as Francis Kruger
  • John Gawlik as Chief Arthur Banks
  • Sam Derence as Doctor Calloway
  • Celeste Cooper as Medical Examiner
  • Danny Martinez as Patrolman Garcia
  • Susaan Jamshidi as Psych Resident
  • Mia Park as Nurse Beth Cole
  • Isabel Quintero as Woman
  • Chris Love as Trainer
  • Chance Bone as Darren Carlson


Halstead: You know what? This is gonna be great, because Erin might actually let me drive.
Lindsay: That will never happen.

Dr. Charles: If it exists, it could be she's got some positive memory she wants to relive there.
Lindsay: And that could bring her back to reality?
Dr. Charles: Possibly. I mean, I assume you've got some other leads you're working on here?
Lindsay: Leads, yes. Witnesses, no.

Platt: To be clear, this is not a get well card. It is a see you soon card, cause I got you on the A&A sheets for light duty starting next week.
Roman: Ah they still gotta dig these fragments out.
Burgess: Oh did you get shot? You haven't mentioned it once.

Halstead: There's no safe anywhere in the house, so if this was a robbery, it went way wrong.
Olinsky: In cases like this it's never who, it's always why.

Lindsay: A, Platt basically made this mandatory. B, we're getting overtime. It's like a dollar a minute.
Halstead: Time I'd rather spend in that walk-in shower with the dual steam heads in the apartment I looked at.