Season 5, Episode 15
Sisterhood 9
Vital Statistics
Airdate February 28, 2018
Written by Rick Eid
& Katherine Visconti
Directed by Rohn Schmidt
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Sisterhood is the fifteenth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


Intelligence tracks down a vigilante killing rapists. The investigation hits home for Burgess, who begins to question if the men who attacked her sister truly paid for their actions

Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Johnathon Schaech as Detective Scott Hart
  • Suzette Gunn as Isabel "Q" Torres
  • Berto Colon as Rey
  • Eryn Pablico as Tina Vasquez
  • Roberto Sanchez as Jorge Pena
  • Sandra Delgado as Ana Rios
  • Carlos Javier Rivera as Dante Silva
  • Mia Vivens as Veronica
  • Ricardo Gamboa as Adolfo
  • Amanda Dahl Powell as Beth Carr
  • Peter Alexander Kostis as Bartender
  • Leslie Perez as Daniella Rios
  • Ricardo E. Flores as Three Corner King #1

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Jorge Pena: If you want to own a neighborhood or a territory, you have to break its soul first.

Isabel "Q" Torres: Ain't nothing feel better than taking back the power.

Burgess: You're tougher. More fearless. 'Cause you stand up for your friends. For women, for young girls. And then when someone commits a rape, you kill 'em, you castrate them. You ask me, you deserve a trophy. But that's not the way the world works.

Halstead: Hmm.. okay, that's one way to take care of rapists.
Ruzek: You gotta be kidding me. They cut 'em off.

Halstead: That's one hell of an initiation.
Upton: What kind of animal does something like this?
Dawson: What kind of animal makes someone do something like this?

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