Season 5, Episode 4
Snitch 1
Vital Statistics
Airdate October 18, 2017
Written by Story by: Rick Eid & Gavin Harris
Teleplay by: Rick Eid
Directed by Terry Miller
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Snitch is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Chicago P.D.


The Intelligence unit investigates a series of murders that has a personal connection with Atwater as his younger brother might be involved. Meanwhile, Upton questions Ruzek's actions following a altercation with a suspect. Also, Voight suspects that Dawson might be tipping off to the wrong people as his eye witnesses to the murders turn up dead.

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  • Monica Barbaro as Assistant State's Attorney Anna Valdez
  • Kylen Davis as Jordan Atwater
  • Clifford McGhee as Andre Walker
  • Lawrence Adimora as Kurtis Washington
  • Brian Michael as Roland Garrett
  • Bernard Gilbert as Eddie Greene
  • Ashley Manteca as Maya Spriggs
  • Edwin Lee Gibson as Milton
  • Ray Austin as Officer Hiller
  • Maurice Atwaun Cobige as Resident #1
  • Kyla Norton as Resident #2

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Voight: The thing is Denny, I never took aim at you. You just think I did.

Voight: Well knowing doesn't mean a damn thing so go out there and find something.

Eddie: I ain't going out like that, like a snitch.

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