Start Digging
Season 3, Episode 23
Start Digging
Vital Statistics
Airdate May 25, 2016
Written by Craig Gore & Tim Walsh
Directed by Mark Tinker
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Start Digging is the twenty-third episode of the third season and the 61st overall episode of Chicago P.D.


The Intelligence unit investigate the murder of a widowed mother. During the investigation it is discovered that she has been in contact with Voight's son Justin. Meanwhile, following his accident, Roman decides to quit the force and move to San Diego. Also, Voight is offered promotion to Lieutenant.

Cast Edit

Main CastEdit

Crossover CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Joseph Sikora as Kevin Bingham
  • Christopher Gliege as Carl "Ginger" Hearnes
  • Kiki Moritsugu as Mrs. Childs
  • Tim Gooch as Roger Simpson
  • Michael Accardo as Chief Tim O'Leary
  • John Gawlik as Chief Arthur Banks
  • Ronald L. Conner as Chief Chet Harper
  • Carmen Bertucci as Carmine Lupino
  • Patrick Blashill as Mickey
  • Susan Gordon as Tricia Reynolds
  • Teri Schnaubelt as Tricia's Mother
  • Aron Lamar as Rev
  • Evan Linder as Dillon James
  • Spencer Moss as Tigan Wilds
  • Frank Meo as Paramedic
  • Paul Pierro as Club Member
  • Adam Joel Huizenga as Compatriot

Quotes Edit

Dawson: What would you do? I mean if it was your own son who was left to die slowly in the trunk of a car, would you step aside?
Crowley: If I was ordered to, yes.

Voight: You wanna take me off this case, you're gonna have to put a bullet in my head. You understand?

Voight: Let me be clear. I don't need condolences, I need commitment, from each of you. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find who did this. Anybody not comfortable with that should take the next couple of days off.

Lindsay: Hey, Roger SImpson, Melissa's father is downstairs.
Voight: Al?
Olinsky: We should start drawing straws.

Voight: This meeting's like a coin flip. Am I getting a department commendation or the firing squad?

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