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Teddy Courtney
Teddy Courtney.jpg
Alias Ted Voight
Status Alive
Family Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher (Mother)
Unnamed Father
Erin Lindsay
Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
Seasons 2
Only Appearance They'll Have to Go Through Me
Portrayed by Lou Taylor Pucci

Teddy Courtney is the son of Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher and the half-brother of Detective Erin Lindsay.


He first appears in the Law and Order: SVU crossover episode, where he is discovered to have been a victim of a child pornography ring.

Teddy appears again in the Chicago P.D. episode They'll Have to Go Through Me. After coming to Chicago, Teddy meets with Erin and their mother at a diner where he makes remarks on their little reunion. Erin tries to plead with him for his help but he is reluctant. Bunny tries to make amends with him however, he is hostile to his mother for his tragic childhood problems that led to him becoming a victim in a pedophile ring. Teddy later arrives at the precinct, where Erin introduces him to her squad. Teddy sits for a while, until he notices the board holding all the people possibly connected to the ring. He is able to identify the leader Von Camp, who is a DCFS administrator using his position to abduct kids. As a result, the squad are able to make the arrest, bringing down the ring. Afterwards, Teddy goes to live with his mother and he thanks his sister for putting away his former tormentors and forgives his sister for the past.

Bunny later said that he goes to school to become a hotel manager during a conversation with Erin.


Season 2 Appearances
"Call It Macaroni" "Get My Cigarettes" "The Weigh Station" "Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw" "An Honest Woman"
"Prison Ball" "They'll Have to Go Through Me" "Assignment of the Year" "Called in Dead" "Shouldn't Have Been Alone"
"We Don't Work Together Anymore" "Disco Bob" "A Little Devil Complex" "Erin's Mom" "What Do You Do"
"What Puts You On That Ledge" "Say Her Real Name" "Get Back to Even" "The Three Gs" "The Number of Rats"
"There's My Girl" "Push The Pain Away" "Born Into Bad News"


  • Teddy is approximately two years younger than Erin. As Erin was 15 when they last saw each other and he was 13.
  • Like Erin, he has issues with his mother.