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Season 8, Episode 04
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Airdate January 27, 2021
Written by Rick Eid & Gavin Harris
Directed by Chad Saxton
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Unforgiven is the fourth episode of the eighth season and the 152nd overall episode of Chicago P.D..


A cop is murdered and suspicion falls on someone who has been holding a grudge against the officer. Intelligence works hard to solve the case but Dep. Supt. Samantha Miller is hesitant to defend him until she knows the whole story.


Miller makes a conference, where she announces Michael Blaine as a hero for defending a civilian from a terrible criminal. At the same time, Voight speaks to Blaine's widow to tell her that her husband has been cleared and their family will receive his pension. She is relieved to hear this news. However, she is greatly surprised when the officers in the district give her husband a proper send off by saluting his heroic sacrifice. Mrs. Blaine is pleased to see that Mike is regarded as a hero.

Meanwhile, Hailey goes to the hospital to see her father. She reaches his room and sees that he is okay but backs down in talking with him.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Nicole Ari Parker as Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller


  • Hailey's father is introduced.