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White Knuckle
Season 8, Episode 02
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Airdate November 18, 2020
Written by Gwen Sigan
Directed by Nicole Rubio
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White Knuckle is the second episode of the eighth season and the 150th overall episode of Chicago P.D..


After a local and highly respected Alderman's son is suspected of murder, Miller tries to pressure Voight into charging the teen quickly and quietly without it being suspected of racially favoring. Meanwhile, Atwater and Voight continue to have disagreements on how to handle the racial sensitivity within the police department, and the former is antagonized by a racist CPD official for exposing the actions of a late corrupt officer.


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Nolan enters his home, turning on the lights to find Kevin sitting down in a chair. Nolan looks around while Kevin tells him his family is not present. Nolan believes Kevin will kill him but he says he wants to talk. He tells Nolan the harassment ends now or he'll expose Nolan to everyone, as the latter is unfazed because there is no proof. However, Kevin threatens to give him what he wants by giving up his badge, but also Kevin threatens to sue Nolan and the Chicago PD and publicly shame Nolan as a racist and crooked cop if he doesn't back off. He is fairly confident that Nolan's men won't support him while he knows Intelligence will support him. This declaration scares Nolan while Kevin tells him that he should be thinking, because that will ruin his chances of his pension and destroy his status with his kids if they knew their father would do something like that. Kevin states he won't abandon his job but if Nolan does not stop, he will make it his mission to destroy his career and life should the latter come for him or any member of his unit. Staring Nolan down, Kevin gives a look that asks if he is understood and it shown Nolan has become intimidated and nods that details a compliance.

Kevin then stands while proudly picking up and wearing his badge and taking his gun. After exiting the house, he comes across a couple of kids playing basketball. He tries to join them but is rejected as the kids see his badge.

Notes and Trivia

  • Kevin and his brother Jordan appear to be living together again.
  • Kevin threatens to leave the police force, sue the Chicago PD, and publicly out Nolan as a racist if he doesn't back off.
  • This episode is dedicated to the late David Rodriguez who passed away on October 29, 2020.


Atwater: I'm going to tell you our way out.
Nolan: That's not how this works.
Atwater: It is if I take the third option, where I give up my badge a different way. Where I sue you and I sue the Chicago police department. Where I detail the harassment, the intimidation, the kilo of dope you planted in my car, the officers who pulled me over, the break-in my house, the beatdown, the innocent cop you let get shot, the fact that you ordered other officers to do your bidding.
Nolan: You might need some sort of evidence.
Atwater: Yeah, but do you really think all those men are going to stand by you? When I ripped you limb from limb in front of the media? When I give up my badge, my job, and my life to stand on the podium and call you a racist? Where every member of my team backs me while I march in the streets with your face on my poster, when I come for your job, your pension, your house, your name while you're still living while your three sons watch? I don't want to give up this job but if you keep coming after me, any member of my unit or any cop. I promise you, I will give it all away. I will make it my job to come after you and I will destroy you.