You Never Know Who's Who
Season 3, Episode 6
You Never Know Who's Who
Vital Statistics
Airdate October 28, 2015
Written by Craig Gore & Tim Walsh
Directed by Lin Oeding
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Climbing Into Bed
A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes

You Never Know Who's Who' is the sixth episode of the third season and the 44th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


Burgess and her rookie find a dead man with supposed links to the CIA inside his bullet and bomb-proof SUV. At the man's home they find a bunker with a large supply of weapons. When the man's body is stolen from the morgue they catch a man who claims to be CIA and working as part of a domestic program called "Street Cleaner". It is found that the man, whom they identified as Victor Cullen, was in fact CIA but several years before and only for a short while before suffering a mental breakdown. He had in fact been diagnosed as delusional and had used a large inheritance to fund his personal team of pseudo-CIA agents. The captured man leads them to the other two "agents" with Olinsky posing as a contact from CIA headquarters. At the meeting one of the men is killed and another is apprehended after Atwater disables his special SUV using a city snowplow. Meanwhile, Ruzek's career is saved when Platt calls in a favor on his behalf and Halstead and Lindsay takes their relationship to the next level.

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