You Never Know Who's Who
Season 3, Episode 6
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Airdate October 28, 2015
Written by Craig Gore & Tim Walsh
Directed by Lin Oeding
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You Never Know Who's Who' is the sixth episode of the third season and the 44th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


Burgess and her rookie find a dead man with supposed links to the CIA inside his bullet and bomb-proof SUV. At the man's home they find a bunker with a large supply of weapons. When the man's body is stolen from the morgue they catch a man who claims to be CIA and working as part of a domestic program called "Street Cleaner". It is found that the man, whom they identified as Victor Cullen, was in fact CIA but several years before and only for a short while before suffering a mental breakdown. He had in fact been diagnosed as delusional and had used a large inheritance to fund his personal team of pseudo-CIA agents. The captured man leads them to the other two "agents" with Olinsky posing as a contact from CIA headquarters. At the meeting one of the men is killed and another is apprehended after Atwater disables his special SUV using a city snowplow. Meanwhile, Ruzek's career is saved when Platt calls in a favor on his behalf and Halstead and Lindsay takes their relationship to the next level.


Alvin is found in the elevator but unharmed, due to wearing a vest and his offender gets away. Intelligence scramble the mall before engaging in a shootout with him, which ends with Antonio shooting him dead.

Afterwards, Voight gives update on Alvin and identifies the dead shooter as Clake Carlson, an army veteran. Soon Adam and Kim walk in with the gun, saying it be to another veteran John Lee Radium. They decide to go after him while Voight has Atwater do something for him. They chase Radium until Voight calls Atwater and its revealed Voight needed Kevin to use a truck to ram the offender, who is caught.

After the case, Voight visits John and tells him that the State's Attorney might reduce his charges because he was following the orders of a mentally unstable man. John is still firm that his orders came from the CIA and states he'll have Voight's job but the latter gives him a lecture about the people he put away while noting John is like them just lost and needed something to believe in.

Meanwhile, Alvin is discharged and finds Michelle training before she notices him. She tells him that Antonio had informed her about his recent case, hugging her father and telling him how she was worried that he got injured. Alvin then tells Michelle that he's going to take her out to dinner as a way to forget the case and she accepts the offer. After she leaves to get her stuff, Alvin looks at the paper holding her DNA results, after some thought he throws the results away.

At the hospital, Roman is told Andrew will likely die after the night and Andrew's mother thanks for letting his last day be happy.

At the precinct, Adam is called in to Voight's office and is reinstated and he thanks Voight who directs his gratitude to Trudy and he thanks her.


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  • Alvin throws away the results for Michelle's DNA.
  • Trudy went to the academy with the Deputy Crowley.
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